Why Skim Your Maserati Brake Discs?

The Pro-Cut process will return your brakes to Maserati ex-factory condition. The process matches the disc to the hub. In other words, if there is the slightest run-out in the hub (i.e. it doesn’t rotate in a perfectly true way), the Pro-Cut process will take care of this and correct it by automatically compensating for it.

Maserati Brake discs should be resurfaced when:

  • There is brake vibration or judder
  • Discs are corroded or rusty
  • Brake pads are changed but new discs are not necessary
  • Brakes feel spongy

How Does Maserati Brake Disc Skimming Work?

The lathe works on the vehicle, by attaching itself directly to the hub. The technology includes an automatic, electronically-controlled, gyroscope system which measures run-out in the hub and corrects for this to an accuracy of 0.025mm. That’s less than the thickness of a human hair!

The automatic surface machining of a disc is completed in around 15 minutes. The complete process takes less than 30 minutes per disc.

All Maserati brake discs can be skimmed at least once. The only time your brake discs should be replaced is when they reach minimum thickness. Leading manufacturers have approved the Pro-Cut process of brake disc skimming.

Maserati Brake disc skimming is a lower cost alternative to Maserati brake disc replacement.

Our Specialist Maserati Brake Disc Skimming can be used for the following Maserati Models :

  • Maserati 3200
  • Maserati 4200
  • Maserati Bi Turbo
  • Maserati Ghibl
  • Maserati Granturismo
  • Maserati MC12
  • Maserati Quattroporte

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