Porsche Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Repair A simple and efficient process...

  • We remove the wheels from your Porsche
  • We then deflate the tyres
  • The beads are broken which means that the tyres are pushed back to enable the rim to be repaired.
  • The damage is repaired using varying techniques
  • They are then primed to prevent corrosion
  • The wheel is then baked under infer-red lighting
  • The primer is then ‘flatted’ out to ensure a smooth finish
  • The wheels are then painted to the colour of your choice or matched to the original finish
  • They are then baked under the infer-red lighting system again
  • The wheels are then spayed with lacquer
  • We then bake them off again until they are dry
  • Finally the tyre are inflated and refitted to your vehicle
  • The wheels are refitted to your Porsche then the wheel nuts are torqued up to the recommended level.

Following a final inspection, the process is complete - your Porsche is ready to drive.

Your invoice provides a 12 month warranty on all of our work.

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