Detailing and Specialist Valeting from The Supercar Rooms

Whilst you may set out with every intention of maintaining your Aston Martin properly, the reality is that your career, family commitments and leisure pursuits may not leave you sufficient time to do so. The Supercar Rooms can help.

We offer a range of professional specialist Independent Aston Martin detailing services designed to meet the needs of discerning individuals throughout the UK who require assistance with everything from routine washing and waxing to full machine polishing and beyond.

Detailing and Valeting

Because the condition of an Aston Martin can vary greatly with age and usage, there is no standard list of tasks that adequately defines what a Detail will include.

However, as a bare minimum, at least 48 hours of work will be conducted over 6+ working days. All surfaces inside and out are inspected, assessed, cleaned, polished, protected and dressed appropriately.

In each case we will do whatever is necessary to achieve as close to perfection as physically possible (without resorting to replacing parts or repainting panels) it will simply take as long as it takes.

Collection and delivery service available

In addition, we can also help to arrange fully insured and fully enclosed collection and delivery throughout the UK.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Service Department on 01299 250009 and speak to our Independent Aston Martin Specialists.

The Supercar Rooms provide a full package of Aston Martin Service Options.