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Why the Supercar Rooms?

With a wealth of knowledge and enviable track record of selling hundreds of supercars we are ideally placed to achieve the best possible result for you and at the same time make the sale as pain-free as possible.

Sell your car quickly and easily with the Supercar Rooms

We are always interested in buying good examples of supercars. Simply provide us with a detailed description and we will make arrangements to visit you to inspect your vehicle at your convenience. We can then make a formal offer. Alternatively, you are most welcome to arrange to visit us.

The Available Supercar Market

Below are the results of a recent survey analysing the used Supercar market. The graph below shows that selling your car privately limits you to 8% of potential buyers. Therefor, The Supercar Rooms can quite simply open up a further 92% of the market for you. Furthermore, almost all of potential buyers questioned said that a warranty and after sales dealer backup, was the most important factor for them purchasing a high-end vehicle.

There are several established methods of selling your Supercar. You can deal with the sale yourself and advertise privately, you can sell it on to a dealer, part exchange against your next vehicle or use a brokerage service.

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Outright Purchase

Selling to a dealer has its advantages in that if you are part exchanging you may be able to strike a good deal. Generally selling to dealer can be quick & painless with minimum hassle. Whatever our transaction with our customers, be assured of our utmost discretion at all times.

Part Exchange

You have seen a vehicle you would like to purchase from us and you wish to offer your existing car as in Part Exchange. We will look at your car and estimate a fair price for it considering: age, mileage, service record and condition.

Supercar Brokerage Service

Supercar Brokerage also known as SOR (Sale or Return) is a simple service where we apply a fixed fee to sell your vehicle.

The Supercar Rooms Brokerage Service takes all the hassle out of selling a supercar from start to finish. In an unpredictable market it is reassuring to be able to rely on a well-established and respected name. By using our Supercar Brokerage service, you avoid the frustration of trying to sell privately.

Buyers are more confident when purchasing from a dealer with specialist supercar knowledge. Further they will have security in law for any warranty issues, cleared finance, bad history and any risk of fraud.

Firstly, we establish a true market value for your car, if you are happy to proceed we then promote your vehicle online and by proactive marketing.

We provide a multitude of benefits that provide security for purchasers considering buying a high value vehicle, these include:

  • Peace of mind and credibility
  • Vehicle collection and delivery (Off road or chauffeur driven)
  • Full comprehensive insurance (£10 Million pounds of cover including all road risks)
  • PPI (Pre-Sale Inspection)
  • HPI report (Finance & history check)
  • Full valet and detail
  • Part exchange facility
  • Selection of comprehensive finance packages
  • After sales service (Specialist servicing, maintenance & repair)
  • For the seller this can mean a higher return price, no hassle, risk of theft, scams or fraud

Supercar collection and delivery service available, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Sales Department on 01299 666116 and speak to our Supercar Brokerage Specialist.

How To Find Us

The Supercar Rooms, 132 Elm Drive, Hartlebury Trading Estate, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, DY10 4JB