Lamborghini Sports Exhausts and Performance Parts

Also available is a sports exhaust system with high flow 200 Cell Catalyst Converters. As well as performance, a Sports exhaust system also gives a much needed aural improvement to the rather muted standard exhaust on most Lamborghini's.

ECU Remapping gives the biggest engine power improvement and then the sports exhaust is the next step in performance and sports sound. 200 Cell Catalyst Converters add the final touch to any performance upgrade.

All the sports exhaust systems we fit are made from the highest quality stainless steel and exceed the 2003 European Block Exemption rules on fitting aftermarket parts to your car, so in short the sports exhaust won’t invalidate any warranty on the car.

200 Cell Catalyst Converters are a high flow Cat and does not affect the emissions or running of your car at all, so your car will still pass an MOT with 200 Cell Cat’s fitted.

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