Ferrari Overview

Possibly the most famous automotive brand in the world. A true icon of automotive design and ground breaking technology.

Ferrari was Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1939. It developed out of the Alfa Romeo racing division. Ferrari’s first car was launched in 1940 however, the first Ferrari-badged car wasn't seen until 1947. In 1969, Italian automotive giant, Fiat acquired 50% of the company and by 1988 it had increased its holdings to 90%.

Ferrari believed in integrity and respect for others. This was his protection against the fraud and corruption that characterised much of Italian life. He had a tight reign over his business but also gave those below him with leadership potential a chance to shine.

Watching racing at the Circuito di Bologna in 1908 at the age of ten was the inspiration for his career driven by his desire to be one the best car manufacturers and the greatest racing team in the world, in which he succeeded magnificently. Not bad for the son of a metal worker from Modena.

The Prancing Horse

Ferrari cars are legendary. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder of course – evidence Ferrari’s belief that the E Type jaguar was the most beautiful car ever built! Like all the great brands Ferrari owners have high respect for the cars and wish them to survive.