Independent Porsche Service Specialist

Porsche Overview

Ferdinand Porsche set out from the humble beginnings of the Beetle to make cars that were special and unique especially sports and race cars. His first factory in 1948 employed 200 workers. Yet his experience and knowledge ranged from the turn of the 20th century when he worked on hybrid cars to the monster Auto Union Grand Prix cars of the 1930s.

Porsche’s son, also Ferdinand, helped build the company with the design of their first sports car the 356. Based on the Beetle with a mere 40hp it was agile and set the pattern that has characterised Porsche to this day - an emphasis on reliability and comfort and power.

The rear engine 911 powered by Porsche’s own engine was introduced in the mid 1950’s and is a model number that so surely distinguishes Porsche. It has evolved over the decades and although front engine models played their part in the Porsche line-up by the mid 90’s Porsche phased these out to concentrate on the rear engine and mid-engine cars. Running parallel with these road cars was the birth of the great race winning tradition.

What characterises Porsche?

Great engineering and unique design. Of course, all supercars have this, but Porsche cars are also distinguished by being luxurious, refined and highly practical. Cars that use the highest quality materials. The line-up includes four door cars and SUV’s the strongest competition for other great brands like Mercedes and BMW. All this is married to the use of the most cutting-edge technology inside their cars and developed to ensure the most incredible ride quality and hugely powerful engines.

Independent Porsche Service Centre

The Supercar Rooms are in the fortunate position to employ Fully Trained and Certified Specialist Porsche Service Technicians. This in conjunction with our specialist state of the art Independent Porsche service facilities enables your prized possession to be treated to the highest standards.

Our Porsche Service room is more like a doctors surgery than an everyday normal workshop. We have invested heavily in the best servicing equipment, personnel and specialist diagnostic software available today. Here at The Supercar Rooms we believe that no matter what your Porsche requires, be it an MOT, full service, or a full engine rebuild, attention to detail is applied at all times.

Like all Supercars, Porsche's require high quality specialist maintenance to retain their looks, reliability and performance. Their servicing history can also have a significant effect on the value of the vehicle when the time comes to sell or exchange it. Therefore using a reputable independent Porsche Specialist for Servicing and Maintenance is always the best option.

Hassle Free Collect and Return Service

During your Porsche's time with us we aim to minimise any inconvenience. We offer a collection and return service using our own specialist enclosed shuttle trailer, chauffeur driven return or the offer of a loan car with prior notification.

At The Supercar we frequently work with the following Porsche Models:

  • Porsche 911 SC/3.2
  • Porsche 911 Turbo
  • Porsche 964 C2/C4
  • Porsche 993
  • Porsche 993 Turbo
  • Porsche 996 C2/C4/C4S/GT3
  • Porsche 996 Turbo/GT2
  • Porsche 997 C2/C4/C4S/GT3
  • Porsche 997 Turbo/GT2
  • Porsche Boxster 986
  • Porsche Boxster 987
  • Porsche Cayenne Turbo
  • Porsche Cayenne V6/S
  • Porsche Cayman

Porsche Service Options at The Supercar Rooms

Other Porsche service's we provide include specialist upgrades, installations and repair of sophisticated technological features such as alarms, tracking devices, audio systems and ECU Remapping. We also have a vast range of Porsche accessories and branded goods available at the site.

Porsche Service Costs

For more information about our Porsche servicing options, including costs and availability or if you have have any other queries please do not hesitate to call our Independent Porsche Service Department on 01299 250009 to speak to our Porsche specialists or contact us online.

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