Bentley Overview

Founded by W.O Bentley in 1919. Bentley cars are built from the finest materials to exacting designs and standards. Bentley drivers today are part of a great heritage.

At one extreme the Bentley Continental GT introduced in 2003 with the incredible W12, twin turbo engine producing in standard form 552 BHP. And at another, built 75 years earlier the Bentley Speed 6 – the most successful racing Bentley of all time “winning the 24 hour Le Man in 1929 and 1930.

In between many magnificent ground-breaking superb cars for example:
Bentley R Type, The Bentley 8 litre, the very high-end Bentley Mulsanne - luxury epitomised, Bentley Brooklands, the Bentley turbo R and the Bentley Arnage - some of the ‘higher volume’ cars loved by many because of their presence and because they are now such incredible value for money.

Bentley continue to innovate. In 2020 Bentley Motors launched the ‘Beyond 100’ Manifesto, in which they show that the future for Bentley is to become, in their words “the most sustainable luxury Automotive brand in the world”.

We will continue to support all versions of the brand produced to date and will do so with the greatest care and dedication encapsulated in our motto of Peace of Mind for our customers.

Bentley Car Servicing Options