Maserati Air Conditioning Recharge, Regas, Refill & Repair

Maserati's fitted with Air Conditioning will require a recharge or regas from time to time. If you notice a reduction in the efficiency of your Maserati Air Conditioning system, and a steaming of the windscreen when the vehicle is first started, then it may just require a gas recharge or regas. The Supercar Rooms offers a Maserati Air Conditioning Recharge & Regas on most models from just £95, or £75 when booked with a Maserati service.

Your vehicles air conditioning system may not recharge correctly due to a leak, so our *Fully Trained & Certified Specialist Maserati Air Conditioning Technicians can carry out a leak detection test using the latest Nitrogen test equipment. This detects the leak and then we can provide you with a quote for repair. Did you know that lack of use over the colder weather spells can accelerate the loss of refrigerant ? More regular use of your system will help reduce the amount of refill top ups needed.

If your Maserati Air Conditioning system operates efficiently but produces a mouldy damp type smell, then you would benefit from an Anti Bacterial spray to clean your system. This kills off any Bacteria building up inside the pipes and can be added by request to your booking for an extra £20.

*It is a legal requirement for anyone who recharges, regas or repairs your vehicles air conditioning system to be qualified. All our technicians carry an IMI Level 3 Award in Automotive Refrigerant Handling.

Maserati Air Conditioning Recharge, Regas, Refill & Repair Service

Our Specialist Maserati Air Conditioning Regas Service can be used for the following Maserati's :

Maserati 3200
Maserati 4200
Maserati Bi Turbo
Maserati Ghibl
Maserati Granturismo
Maserati MC12
Maserati Quattroporte

Collection & delivery service available, If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Service Department on 01299 250009 & speak to our Maserati Specialists.

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